Thoughts on raising a balanced person April 18 2014

Entering the journey into parenthood, whether it is your first child or your last child, the learning curve is ever growing. The female vs male traits, the birth order, the family circumstances...every possible combination to keep us parents on our toes.

I found this article helpful, my little ones are now 10 and 6.  The lessons learned here are helpful with a brand new baby or any age! 

NY Times | Raising a Moral Child 

I don't know if the title of the piece (Raising a Moral Child) is really the best, it seems that a better title would be How to Raise a Balanced Person, we are afterall raising children to be adults.  Also, "morality" seems a portion of the entire mammoth known as parenting.


Let me know your thoughts, hopefully you find it helpful!


Get some rest,

Anne | Bella Materna