New Mom Nursing Survival Tips

In addition to a couple great Nursing Bras, these are a few items we feel can help every new mother!
1. Anytime Nursing Bra - a must have for comfort at the end of pregnancy.  A great flexible first nursing bra.
2. Find a lactation consultant you can easily make an appointment with:  International Lactation Consultant Association is a great source click here. 
3. A Nursing Pillow (Such as My Breast Friend)
4. Nipple Cream - We love Motherlove as they are the healthiest and their materials don't tend to stain.
5. Washcloths - Keep them handy while nursing to mop up spills.
6. Nursing Pads - LilyPadz are reusable no leak pads, or a variety of other washable or disposable pads.
7. Water bottle - for thirsty nursing mom, you are drinking for 2 remember 64 oz / day!
8. Sleep - Right?  Take naps with your baby, sleep is important.
9. Some New Mom Bra Tips listed below:
Nursing Bra guide tips