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...we became moms at the same

THIS right here is 1 reason Bella Materna still exists 17 years strong: Gwen (the gal below) and I met both pregnant with our first... those 2 girls are now 13. YEP. And the 2nds - are about the same age 9. She has bought gift certificates over the years, and stayed in touch... Today she came in for a fitting and walked out in some supportive comfort.  We also talked about designing a line for our girls - all of us ladies need to have a focus group. Thats what I am answering these days.  Can't find the lingerie / experience you are looking for?  We are listening.  Join our focus group - Send me a message (I promise to read...

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The time to Make-it or Break-it

Hi Bella Materna blog members - We have been busy launching our new lingerie items with super support and large size ranges.  Grateful for our loyal customers!  I am launching a new Blog just news surrounding Bella Materna and all that we hope to touch and make better. As you may recall earlier this year, we partnered with the team at forBetter.us to offer you their fab online course called "Marriage in Motion".  Many of you signed up, and I hope it has been as fruitful for your relationships as it has been mine.  I love to be able to re watch any videos long after our initial course run through over a year ago. I was reading a recent...

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