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FAQ's for Maternity + Nursing Wardrobe

What size maternity bra should I buy? Most women buy maternity nursing bras during their second trimester. You will most likely need to buy a bra that is one band size larger and 1-3 cup sizes larger than your "regular" bras. Does wearing the wrong bra decrease milk supply? Yes! Wearing a poorly fitting bra or the wron...
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Motherhood: A Meaningful Journey how it ties to our Mission

June 2019 interview with Anne Dimond co-founder of Bella Materna.

My mission for the last 20 years with Bella Materna has been to make useful products that significantly help new moms have a better start of motherhood.  In its essence serving women with intentionally: at a critical point in their lives.

As a designer, my focus has been on:

Thoughtful. Environmentally Safe. Practical. Pretty. in other words; Sustainable products that are worth making.

Take a moment to realize you are living the most marvelous and interesting journey called #motherhood  In this journey, YOU alone carry out the most important mission of your life.  In the nearest future, you will give/have given a new life and a new generation to humanity. TODAY -EVERYDAY YOU can love yourself and enjoy your status like never before. 
It's not just for your sake.
Not only the emotions of your baby at any given moment -- depend on your mood, your smile, tranquility, and happiness (no pressure -- but really it is a big job).  Also baby’s personality traits are formed in these earliest days including their sense of confidence and kindness. Your healing presence through love means that your baby will make the future world a better place. Really a giant mission, it sounds heavy handed here - but what I am trying to get at is. Our work, in turn at Bella Materna is to help YOU in this mission.
Bella Materna; the makers and outfitters  (think gold miners; needed tools and clothing).  We give you Supportive Bras (we can fit anysize up to a 50L!) Clothes and Baby tools to help you have the best journey possible. 
Welcome to the world of motherhood. YOU are a Bella Materna = Beautiful Mother!
Please stay in touch to make sure we are serving your needs, we exist to assist from bump to babe.
Take Care - hydrate! 
Anne Dimond
Bella Materna
Bella Materna Philosophy

Bella Materna Philosophy

Bella Materna is a maternity + nursing brand created in 2000 by two American friends, Candace & Anne. It offers a range of trendy and joyful intimates and loungewear, with a perfect fitting and made with gorgeous fabrics. Our aim is to enhance all moms’ beauty so that they feel radiant! 

Our philosophy: the joy of life, social and eco-friendly responsibility, trust, and quality.
June 21, 2019 by Alex Hartle
Timeline of a Breastfed Baby - Great Read for Brand New Moms!

Timeline of a Breastfed Baby - Great Read for Brand New Moms!

All babies reach milestones on their own developmental timeline. But there are important breastfeeding checkpoints for your baby's health and well-being. Learn more today.
May 01, 2019 by Anne Dimond
Breastfeeding Benefits: What New Moms Should Know

Breastfeeding Benefits: What New Moms Should Know

Trying to decide between bottle and breastfeeding? Learn more about the benefits of breastfeeding to help you determine if it's the right option for you and your baby.
November 17, 2018 by Anne Dimond
A Shark Tank Failure Success Story

A Shark Tank Failure Success Story


 Bella Materna had the opportunity to be on ABC's Shark Tank. Check out our experience and how our rejection isn't going to stop us from giving moms and busty women the support they deserve. 

August 15, 2018 by Anne Dimond
Lactation Consultant Guide for New Moms

Lactation Consultant Guide for New Moms

Is it time to consult a lactation specialist? Find out when it's time to for a consultant and how they can help. 

March 02, 2018 by Anne Dimond
Good Gut Flora for Families especailly New Moms and Babies!

Good Gut Flora for Families especailly New Moms and Babies!

Some suggestions how to offset the negative affects of antibiotics and work to have healthy flora balance in your gut at all times (especially pregnant and breastfeeding)!

The best start for baby receiving and growing good gut flora is of course a vaginal delivery. When that is not an option, consider swabbing the inside of baby’s cheeks with microbes from the birth canal (if  mom is not battling an infection).

For moms (dads and kids of all ages), we encourage consumption of fermented foods. Some ideas: Sauerkraut is easy to make, Raw is best, several brands available in grocery stores now.  Pickled foods are a great fermented food, maybe that is why Pickles and Pregnancy are related?! ( Seattle Pickle Co are my local favorite).  One pickle a day is recommended to help maintain healthy gut (ok, not for infants or breastfed babes not eating solids). Other fermented foods; Keifer, Kimchi, Raw Cheese, Yogurt, Miso and several more found here)

As you know; antibiotics kill the bad & good gut flora, so if you need to take them; be sure to re-create the healthy gut biome! 

We encourage new families to breastfeed, a moms healthy gut biome will benefit breastfed babies. A healthy microbiome and breastfeeding are both linked to a reduced risk of obesity, asthma, and other ailments.


*This is not medical advise, always seek the advise of your medical provider.

Bella Materna neighborhood goats help make goat milk!


Take care & Happy Pickling!



Co-Founder Bella Materna


Bella Materna Seattle headquarters

March 01, 2018 by Anne Dimond
JAMA recent study on Antibiotics

JAMA recent study on Antibiotics

 According to a recent study by Juvienle American Medical Association link here, one third of antibiotics given in the outpatient setting are unnecessary.

40% of adults and 70% of children take one or more antibiotic every year! This can do quite a bit of damage to the microbiome and affect the gut health of both mom and baby. The JAMA study, published in 2016, took a look at the prevalence of antibiotic prescriptions given between 2010 and 2011 in the United States. 

Don't get me wrong- we are grateful for this medicine! 

#1 reason was Sinusitus (Sinus Infection) - {Personal note: We found when travelling with infants, toddlers and children; this natural Nasal Spa spray helps to neutralize the sinus PH and can help offset dry airplane air and the likelihood of sickness associated with air travel. My sisters college age children have not gotten sick after travelling since they started to use it! }

#2 reason was Otitis Media (ear infection)  - {Personal note: My son pictured on this post (now 10) has had several of these; and it wasn't until recently when he had a double ear infection, that our pharmasist suggested dry ear drops that help dry the ear after bathing or swimming. Check with your childs doctor.}


See next post about how to help manage the impact of antibiotics on your gut flora.


Thank you,


Co-Founder Bella Materna

February 28, 2018 by Anne Dimond
Tips and Tricks for Back-to-Work Pumping Success by Guest Blogger Mom Loves Best

Tips and Tricks for Back-to-Work Pumping Success by Guest Blogger Mom Loves Best

Heading back to work and not sure how you'll be able to have success pumping? Mom Loves Best has the tips and tricks you need to manage back-to-work pumping.
September 13, 2017 by Anne Dimond