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A Shark Tank Failure Success Story

   Bella Materna had the opportunity to be on ABC's Shark Tank. Check out our experience and how our rejection isn't going to stop us from giving moms and busty women the support they deserve. 

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Good Gut Flora for Families especailly New Moms and Babies!

Some suggestions how to offset the negative affects of antibiotics and work to have healthy flora balance in your gut at all times (especially pregnant and breastfeeding)! The best start for baby receiving and growing good gut flora is of course a vaginal delivery. When that is not an option, consider swabbing the inside of baby’s cheeks with microbes from the birth canal (if  mom is not battling an infection). For moms (dads and kids of all ages), we encourage consumption of fermented foods. Some ideas: Sauerkraut is easy to make, Raw is best, several brands available in grocery stores now.  Pickled foods are a great fermented food, maybe that is why Pickles and Pregnancy are related?! ( Seattle Pickle Co...

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JAMA recent study on Antibiotics

 According to a recent study by Juvienle American Medical Association link here, one third of antibiotics given in the outpatient setting are unnecessary. 40% of adults and 70% of children take one or more antibiotic every year! This can do quite a bit of damage to the microbiome and affect the gut health of both mom and baby. The JAMA study, published in 2016, took a look at the prevalence of antibiotic prescriptions given between 2010 and 2011 in the United States.  Don't get me wrong- we are grateful for this medicine!  #1 reason was Sinusitus (Sinus Infection) - {Personal note: We found when travelling with infants, toddlers and children; this natural Nasal Spa spray helps to neutralize the sinus PH and...

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