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Exciting Offers For Our Moms through friends at Koala Kin

by Anne Dimond February 25, 2014

Exciting Offers For Our Moms through friends at Koala Kin

Exciting Offers For Our Moms!

KoalaKin Partners
We moms work so hard… We consistently put our needs last, and we do it with love, gratitude and a little bit of humor. Knowing that we are all in this together is what keeps us going, knowing that our sacrifice will give our babies the best, makes us fierce and powerful beyond belief.
We, here at KoalaKin, want to be able to give you something that will hopefully make your lives a bit easier. That’s why we are happy to have partnered with some amazing companies, and are able to offer you their products and services at a discount. Take a peek below at these amazing offers!
A Mother’s Boutique
A Mother’s Boutique offers everything a new mother or mother to be needs – from maternity clothing to breastfeeding gear, nursing bras, breast pumps and slings.
When owner Judy Masucci was a new mother, she had a difficult time finding quality nursing clothing and products that would enable her to be successful at breastfeeding.  She realized this “unmet need” was also something many other mothers also experienced. Coming from a business background, Judy decided she could use her corporate skills to develop a solution for this need. She realized that she would be able to meet her personal goals of spending more time with her son, while achieving professional goals of helping other new mothers succeed with breastfeeding. This led her to start up A Mother’s Boutique.
PROMO: Judy is offering our awesome mamas a 10% discount off all orders. Just use the promo code KOALAKIN. The code expires 12/31/14.
hadleystilwell.jpg hadleystilwell
The HadleyStilwell clothing line was inspired by the challenge of having to look pulled-together and professional at work with little sleep and possibly no shower (!), yet also needing to quickly and discreetly pump in public places. It’s a daunting situation for new mothers, and breastfeeding is often the first thing to go.
HadleyStilwell makes it easy for busy breastfeeding mothers to get dressed in two seconds flat with coordinating designs that help you feel beautiful when breastfeeding or pumping. But it’s much larger than the clothes: Aside from no skin exposure, quick access to breasts, and wrinkle-free durable fabric, it’s about a mother’s overall wellbeing. Feeling good about breastfeeding will spill over into all aspects of your life. And that is my vision for breastfeeding mothers…
PROMO: It’s our pleasure to offer a 15% discount through the end of May on the Fleece Lounging and Co-Sleeping Top to keep you warm this winter and in perpetuity. And…it’s the perfect layer under your KoalaKin! Code: GOMOM
MamaPear Designs
Lara Audelo is a breastfeeding mother, educator, supporter of all moms, and has a passionate activist side that is drawn to many causes. Her most important cause is helping women make informed choices and supporting them in their mothering journeys.  She is the owner of MamaPear Designs and the author of The Virtual Breastfeeding Culture, which was published in 2013.
PROMO: Lara is offering all our mamas 20% off her book “The Virtual Breastfeeding Culture: Seeking Mother-to-Mother Support in the Digital Age”, featuring raw, honest and uplifting stories, tips and resources for all breastfeeding moms. Code: KK20OFF
Emily Kane is the founder of Milkmakers. She created Milkmakers cookies because she needed them.
Emily went back to work after here first daughter was born and found herself in a new situation — trying to manage work life, home life, and fitting in the time to pump during an already busy day. Her milk supply started to go down and she worried that she wouldn’t be able to provide enough milk for her baby.
When a lactation consultant first told her about lactation cookies, it seemed too good to be true: She could eat delicious cookies AND increase her milk supply? To her surprise, she saw an immediate boost in her milk production.
Lactation cookies can help promote an abundant supply of breast milk. The result: a well-fed baby and a happy family.
PROMO: Emily is so excited to offer 10% off all their products with the code: KOALAKIN. (Limit one order per customer. Offer valid through December 31st, 2014)
The Naked Nursing Tank
Naked Tank Logo 1
The Naked Nursing Tank is 100% Canadian made. Owned and operated by 2 Guelph, Ontario Moms, it was invented with the intention to support breastfeeding moms, making it that much more comfortable to nurse their babies ANYWHERE! The Naked Tank is an award-winning product with international recognition for “The most UNIVERSAL Nursing Tank on the market!” Worn underneath your regular wardrobe, The Naked Nursing Tank is a midsection cover-up for breastfeeding women, that allows women the option to wear their most supportive bra of choice. The Naked Tank transforms your entire wardrobe into nursing wear making it a unique and affordable option for every mom! Going from size XS to 5X -we got all shapes and sizes covered!
PROMO: Purchase yours now with coupon code KOALAFREESHIP and receive Free shipping on ALL orders!
In 2005, working mother Sari Davidson created the very first SippiGrip in San Ramon, California. Davidson became frustrated when her 1 year old son, Jake, would throw his sippy cup to the floor from his highchair, stroller, and car seat. Davidson was constantly picking up the cups that were either getting dirty or lost. Necessity really was the mother of invention; hence, the SippiGrip was born!
BooginHead is a term Davidson’s family used when one of their kids would do something they knew they shouldn’t, did it anyways, and you couldn’t help but laugh – they were being such a BooginHead! Davidson and BooginHead are committed to bringing products to on-the-go parents to help solve the BooginHead moments in life and make your life easier!
PROMO:  Currently, Booginhead is offering 20% off their Pink Polka Dot and Asher Argyle PaciGrips

Anne Dimond
Anne Dimond


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