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International Bra Sizing Conversion Chart

by Anne Dimond June 18, 2014

Here at Bella Materna we have been serving moms around the globe for 14 years!  Year after year it is fun to see customers come back to order more "of the best quality nursing bras" for their new offspring.  

This cart is a simple conversion to the US sizing that we utilize.  We thought it was more simple to use single letters instead of triple D's... ie 34G instead of 34DDDD.  Just easier on the eyes, and since all new moms increase in bust size, it is like reading a new map, so we are trying to make it easy on you.

We have found generally speaking everyone goes up 2 cup sizes by their due date, usually 1 size in band (we try to minimize that by offering the extender sewn on, so the same bra will fit you whether you are pregnant or nursing). 

Use this cart if you are more familiar with UK, EU or FR, they are the other most predominant sizes available.

Please feel free to chat online, email ( or call (toll free: 1-888-700-8438) if there are any questions! We have a trained staff that can help you.

Take care,

Anne D

Bella Materna

Anne Dimond
Anne Dimond


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Bra Size Chart

We use the European method of sizing where DD=E, DDD=F - we like to keep it straightforward! Our bras are known for their comfort and longevity, the back closure is longer, so it is easier to fit, and last - as long as when you first get it - you are on the 3rd - 6th hooks --- this way your investment will last longer for you! 

Bra Sizing Chart Measurements in Inches B-K cup 32-42 Bands