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New Mom: Each Amazing Baby Event

by Anne Dimond July 10, 2015

So interesting, that each of us, on our own motherhood journey....when we can look back, the perpective we can gain is for 'the wiser'.  This is one of the most important times in your life...I know you are living this.  Here are some 'wiser' comments 11 years later....

One thing that has come to the forefront for me, which I hope to insprire you, is to 'capture the mom-ents'; the key moments.  These will be the heirloom snapshots for your children and the generations that may come. I hope to #inspiremoms.

So, that is my purpose here in this piece, to encourage YOU = MOM, to set it aside.  As a new mom, I realize it may be new territory, to ask for what you need with the baby, and make sure it happens.  Honestly, if you are not making this happen, it may not happen, and once they are grown, you cannot recapture it.  (no pressure; I hope you hear this as encouragement).

As one doula (thank you Machelle) told me before my 2nd child was born (on the way to the laboring room, unprepared, where I was faced with difficult decisions)  "this is one of your first important acts as a parent....stand up for that child & what you hold true".  

Those words ring true 7 years later still.  The photos capturing the most precious moments following... birth, to first foods, to first smiles, to first steps, to first teeth... to graduation; our children will remain...our children.  Who we love dearly, and once the time has passed, we cannot rewind, we cannot  re-capture.

Something which inspired me about 'this captured moment' pictured below; you and I are no different than Kate Middleton.  We are just as important (I think she would agree).  No one else is going to make our children what they are; than we, the mothers and fathers.  

I realize it might sound trivial, but somehow very real.

I am urging you to set aside the time now to capture these amazing moments (all of you need to be in the pic. SELFIES ARE INCLUDED, but might not capture everything a photographer can....):

Below is a cherished family photograph of my daughter, 24 hours after is was born, in my brothers arms (yes brings tears to my eyes 11 years later):

Below are some links to great photograhers in your area ( PLEASE post the great Photographer in YOUR area  - worldwide!!)

USA/West Coast/ Seattle: 

USA/North East/ New York:



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I hope to inspire pregnant and breastfeeding moms, so that this precious time in life is as great as it possibly can be! 


Anne Dimond
Anne Dimond


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