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Health Awareness Campaigns: Breastfeeding is important for babies.

by Anne Dimond July 13, 2015

Health Awareness Campaigns: Breastfeeding is important for babies.

Breastfeeding has many positive benefits for moms and their babies and is the ideal method of feeding and nurturing infants. Human breast milk is the most complete form of nutrition for infants and protects them from a wide array of infections and other health problems. If you are thinking about breastfeeding, consider the following benefits both for you and your child.

Breastfeeding is important for babies.

  • Protects your baby from infection—even the milk produced during the first few days after birth is packed with antibodies that fight infection.
  • Reduces your baby’s risk of severe chest infections like pneumonia, ear infections, and stomach issues.
  • Helps your baby’s immune system develop and lowers the risk of asthma, allergies, type 1 diabetes, and childhood leukemia.
  • Reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  • Reduces your child’s risk for obesity.
  • Improves your child’s ability to learn and process information.

Breastfeeding is Best

While breastfeeding offers many benefits to mom and baby, it may not be the right infant feeding choice for everyone. 

Work with your healthcare provider to decide on the best method for you and your baby.






Download a guide to breastfeeding at This guide offers easy how-to information and support for breastfeeding successfully. Resources * 

* Resources listed are helpful, but do not replace the advise of your medical professional, always contact them for information on the best care for you and your baby.
    Thanks to the USA Vetrans Affairs site for this reference information.

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    Take care - get plenty of rest and water, 


    Bella Materna|President|Mom

    Anne Dimond Bella Materna Designer Nursing Bras

    Anne Dimond
    Anne Dimond


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