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by Anne Dimond February 04, 2016

What if you have leftover breast milk that is too old to donate to Milk Banks or use in baby food?  Your liquid gold is still useful...

I have researched some options: 

Have someone make breastmilk soap for you:

Jessica from HBC Organics will make it for you, and is offering a special until March 1st for Bella Materna readers!  

Imagine Custom-made Soap for your baby?!

Use code 'BREASTISBEST' for 15% off your special order of home made organic soap.

Healthy By Choice Breastmilk Soap order page

You only need 6-10oz, you need to ship via overnight service & wraped in ice (USPS is only about $15 Shipping overnight).  She charges $50-15%= $42.50 + postage.  

You could spend more than that on 10 bars of organic baby soap, let alone soap naturally made for only for your baby.  She has tons of other healthy organic hand made items on her site, check it out!

breast milk soap


Make your own Breastmilk Soap:

Here are a few links to get you started (we liked this one and this video on how to make mommy milk soap), the key component in each is breast milk. You'll need between 1 and 6 cups, as you have extra, simply freeze it off into ice cubes to use later on in the process. Keeping it frozen will help keep the temperature down when it's later combined with the lye (which raises the temperature dramatically).

 Here is the earliest breastmilk soap recipe circa 1999 from Traditional Midwife. 

breast is best

Benefits of Breast milk in your soap:

You can expect that there are warnings, but mostly don't do this if you have a disease or an infection, pretty standard.  I found alot of information on this Inhabitots Blog.

Overall, let me be clear that I understand breast milk is not always easy to come by, especially pumping!   We all know its primary use is to feed your little one!  

Anyone have other suggestions or uses for your breast milk?  

Please comment!

Take Care,

Anne Dimond | Bella Materna

Anne Dimond
Anne Dimond


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