Apparel - Good Gut Flora for Families especailly New Moms and Babies!

Some suggestions how to offset the negative affects of antibiotics and work to have healthy flora balance in your gut at all times (especially pregnant and breastfeeding)!

The best start for baby receiving and growing good gut flora is of course a vaginal delivery. When that is not an option, consider swabbing the inside of baby’s cheeks with microbes from the birth canal (if  mom is not battling an infection).

For moms (dads and kids of all ages), we encourage consumption of fermented foods. Some ideas: Sauerkraut is easy to make, Raw is best, several brands available in grocery stores now.  Pickled foods are a great fermented food, maybe that is why Pickles and Pregnancy are related?! ( Seattle Pickle Co are my local favorite).  One pickle a day is recommended to help maintain healthy gut (ok, not for infants or breastfed babes not eating solids). Other fermented foods; Keifer, Kimchi, Raw Cheese, Yogurt, Miso and several more found here)

As you know; antibiotics kill the bad & good gut flora, so if you need to take them; be sure to re-create the healthy gut biome! 

We encourage new families to breastfeed, a moms healthy gut biome will benefit breastfed babies. A healthy microbiome and breastfeeding are both linked to a reduced risk of obesity, asthma, and other ailments.


*This is not medical advise, always seek the advise of your medical provider.

Bella Materna neighborhood goats help make goat milk!


Take care & Happy Pickling!



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March 01, 2018 — Anne Dimond

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