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JAMA recent study on Antibiotics

 According to a recent study by Juvienle American Medical Association link here, one third of antibiotics given in the outpatient setting are unnecessary.

40% of adults and 70% of children take one or more antibiotic every year! This can do quite a bit of damage to the microbiome and affect the gut health of both mom and baby. The JAMA study, published in 2016, took a look at the prevalence of antibiotic prescriptions given between 2010 and 2011 in the United States. 

Don't get me wrong- we are grateful for this medicine! 

#1 reason was Sinusitus (Sinus Infection) - {Personal note: We found when travelling with infants, toddlers and children; this natural Nasal Spa spray helps to neutralize the sinus PH and can help offset dry airplane air and the likelihood of sickness associated with air travel. My sisters college age children have not gotten sick after travelling since they started to use it! }

#2 reason was Otitis Media (ear infection)  - {Personal note: My son pictured on this post (now 10) has had several of these; and it wasn't until recently when he had a double ear infection, that our pharmasist suggested dry ear drops that help dry the ear after bathing or swimming. Check with your childs doctor.}


See next post about how to help manage the impact of antibiotics on your gut flora.


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