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Lactation Consultant Guide for New Moms

While breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in the world, it is also completely natural to struggle with the process. Many women experience issues like infant sucking problems, excessive infant weight loss, nipple problems, and delayed onset of a mother's milk. That's why many mothers turn to a lactation consultant for additional support.

Signs it's Time to Talk to a Lactation Consultant 

A lactation consultant can provide excellent advice and support for new moms, even if they're not experiencing any challenges breastfeeding. 

However, there are a number of issues a mom might have that are definitely signs it's time to talk to a lactation specialist. 

Sore nipples are one of the leading reasons new mothers stop breastfeeding. Persistent or regular pain can actually stem from a latch or attachment issue. If the baby is not latching or draining effectively that can lead to serious issues for both the mother and baby. 

Sometimes new moms can have a low milk supply which creates concern that their baby is not getting enough and going hungry. This can lead to the baby losing weight and not meeting important health markers. 

Even if nothing is "wrong," lactation specialists can simply provide the extra support many mothers don't even realize they needed. 

How Lactation Consultants Help

Lactation consultants can provide a wide variety of services and can teach a new mother how to position a baby on her breast. They'll be able to offer tips to increase milk supply and even come up with feeding strategies to set mom and baby up for success. 

Many mothers find they not only learn helpful tips from lactation consultants, they also receive the emotional support and reassurance they need to be successful. 

Schedule a Lactation Consultant After Birth

Brand new moms - we recommend scheduling an appointment with an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) find one near you via this link as soon as the baby is born. Lactation consultants can visit at the hospital, at your home, and many even offer phone or video consultations. Don't hesitate; it is worth every penny, and most insurance will cover most of the cost. 


Our local friendly IBCLC is Renee Bebe 


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