Travelling, Pumping & Working... Jessica Writes

It is a great time to travel when your new bundle of joy is right in your arms, and breastfeeding because your baby is with you is really great!  

Now, the hard part, if you are travelling and pumping and working?!!

Our friend Jessica Shortall has writen an excellent book, part mom story, part 411, from her wild travel experiences working for TOMS (yes the famous shoe company).  

 You can buy her book at Amazon or many other places.

Work, Pump, Repeat; Jessica Shortall Breastfeeding Pumping Working Mom


 Here is the link to her info-graphic

Below is the text of her info-graphic on breastfeeding + pumping while travelling/working.

 1. Call ahead

Call the client office, conference center, or venue where you'll be spending time. Find a friendly person and straight-up tell them you're breastfeeding and need their help identifying a private place to pump, and a fridge to store milk.

2.  Prepare for the airport

Pack your individual breast pump parts in ziploc bags in case the TSA worker wants to inspect them.  Minimize your carry-ons, because you'll have a bag or cooler full of milk on your way home.  

**Print this TSA provided link that says you're allowed to travel with a pump and as much breastmilk as you want.

3.  Learn to pump in a bathroom

 Family restrooms are the best because they have outlets and counters and sinks. But in a bind, you can use your pump's battery pack and stand in a stall with the pump bag hung on the door hook. Throw the pump parts in a Ziploc and worry about washing them later.

4. Hotel

If they won't give you a fridge, say "FOR MEDICAL REASONS" until they cave. If they make you use the minibar, tell them that you expect not to be charged for moving stuff out of there. And if there just is no fridge, demand access to a kitchen fridge for your "medicine." Get the location of this fridge in writing so you can help the morning shift-worker find it when you check out.

Plot - Travelling, Pumping & Working... Jessica Writes

Supplies List-

- Reusable, lined lunchbag (for bringing milk home) for 1-2 day trip

- Soft-sided 6-pack cooler for 3-7 day trip

- Lots of large, slider-top Ziploc bags

- More breastmilk storage bags than you think you'll need

- Gel ice packs (in a pinch, get a flight attendent or airport bartender to put ice in some empty breastmilk storage bags)

- A big shawl in case you need to pump somewhere less-than-private

 - Book: Work. Pump. Repeat: The New Mom's Survival Guide to Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work by Jessica Shortall Abrams Image, out September 8, 2015

*Took a little liberty to add a few items:

- We recommend packing  2-4 Bella Materna Nursing Bras, Nursing Tanks, Nursing Gowns, Nursing Essentials. you will need to have these key tools while you are on the road.  We have underwire or wirefree nursing bras available to fit 32-44 B-J cups.

Smooth Wirefree Nursing Bra by Bella MaternaSexy TShirt Nursing Bra

Travelling, Pumping & Working... Jessica Writes

- Breast Leak Prevention

we have 2 options:


Lily Padz Silicone prevents leaks - these are nice because you only need 1 pair, less bulk, easier to travel, easy to clean, quick to dry.  When you notice they are not sticking, that indicates when they need to be cleaned.  Use your body soap or shampoo to clean them.

File Binder - Travelling, Pumping & Working... Jessica WritesPerson - Travelling, Pumping & Working... Jessica Writes

Bamboo Travel Nursing Pads - if you leak be sure you have these extra soft and easy to use Bamboo Disposable Nursing Pads.  Made with the absolute best materials, Eco Pure, and extra milk barrier to ensure no leaks make their way.  

Bamboo Travel Nursing Pad



Take care - get plenty of rest and water, 


Bella Materna|President|Mom

Clothing - Travelling, Pumping & Working... Jessica Writes






September 27, 2015