Tips for sucessful breast pumping

Tips for sucessful breast pumping
Just in case you cannot see the image above; here is the information in copy form:

when babies start to breast-feed, they suckle
with rapid sucking motions and low suction strength
– this causes the milk to release by stimulating
the milk release reflex.

this effect can be replicated by starting
with a higher cycle level (e.g. 8 bars)
and selecting a weaker vacuum. when the
milk begins to release, reduce the cycles
by pressing the down arrow and strengthen
the vacuum by pressing the up-arrow until
you find the most comfortable level for you.
the milk ejection reflex may occur later
when pumping than when breast feeding.
these 8 adjustable settings are only
available with our electric breast pump

the following measures may be helpful:
~ massage the breast before pumping.
~ relax and think about your baby.
~ gaze at a picture of your baby.
~ apply a warmed compress to the breast
~ warm the cone or funnel of the breast shell
~the ardo draw down cycle is longer than other pumps,
which allows you to pump more milk for each cycle.
~ use the opti tip; included in all ardo electric pumps.
it helps optimize the suction.
~ remember that your breast milk is the best
~remember that you are her/his perfect mom
~ drink water while pumping, take care of yourself
Good luck and keep up the good work - you are the BEST MOM!
Please feel free to call with questions.
May 20, 2015

What Happens to a Woman's Brain When She Becomes a Mother

This article suggests it could be valuable to breastfeed; even if you are formula feeding. The act of breastfeeding or ‪#‎allattateli‬ garners healthy response in newborns. There is more to it than just the milk!

"Breastfeeding mothers show a greater level of [brain] responses to baby's cry compared with formula-feeding mothers in the first month postpartum," Kim said. "It's just really interesting. We don't know if it's the act of breastfeeding or the oxytocin or any other factor."

See whole article from The Atlantic here.



January 15, 2015

Thoughts on raising a balanced person

Entering the journey into parenthood, whether it is your first child or your last child, the learning curve is ever growing. The female vs male traits, the birth order, the family circumstances...every possible combination to keep us parents on our toes.

I found this article helpful, my little ones are now 10 and 6.  The lessons learned here are helpful with a brand new baby or any age! 

NY Times | Raising a Moral Child 

I don't know if the title of the piece (Raising a Moral Child) is really the best, it seems that a better title would be How to Raise a Balanced Person, we are afterall raising children to be adults.  Also, "morality" seems a portion of the entire mammoth known as parenting.


Let me know your thoughts, hopefully you find it helpful!


Get some rest,

Anne | Bella Materna

April 18, 2014