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Travelling, Pumping & Working... Jessica Writes

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It is a great time to travel when your new bundle of joy is right in your arms, and breastfeeding because your baby is with you is really great!   Now, the hard part, if you are travelling and pumping and working?!! Our friend Jessica Shortall has writen an excellent book, part mom story, part 411, from her wild travel experiences working for TOMS (yes the famous shoe company).    You can buy her book at Amazon or many other places.    Here is the link to her info-graphic Below is the text of her info-graphic on breastfeeding + pumping...

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Affordable Care Act: Supporting breastfeeding mothers

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Affordable Care Act: Supporting breastfeeding mothers The ACA requires new private health insurance plans, including those available in the new health insurance marketplaces, to provide coverage for specified women’s preventive health services with no cost sharing (e.g., copayment, coinsurance, or deductible). Breastfeeding support, supplies and lactation counseling are one of these specified preventive services. I appreciate that it is covered under 'preventive services', because breastfeeding prevents disease! Why NOT breastfeed or use breastmilk banks? exerpt from National Confrence for State Legislators: Preventive Services Covered Under the Affordable Care Act February 2014; material added June 30, 2014 The federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes a special...

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Health Awareness: Breastfeeding is challenging.

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Breastfeeding is challenging. Despite the many rewards and health benefits of breastfeeding, it can be challenging. For example: Being the sole source of nutrition for your infant is not always easy. Many nursing mothers have sore nipples, breast engorgement (very full breasts) when their “milk comes in”, and occasionally breast infections that require treatment with antibiotics. Some women have had breast surgery that can reduce the amount of human milk they produce. These women may have to feed their infants with formula in addition to the milk they produce. Breastfeeding can be stressful. For instance, a lack of support by...

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Tips for sucessful breast pumping

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Just in case you cannot see the image above; here is the information in copy form: when babies start to breast-feed, they sucklewith rapid sucking motions and low suction strength – this causes the milk to release by stimulating the milk release reflex. this effect can be replicated by startingwith a higher cycle level (e.g. 8 bars) and selecting a weaker vacuum. when themilk begins to release, reduce the cycles by pressing the down arrow and strengthenthe vacuum by pressing the up-arrow until you find the most comfortable level for you.the milk ejection reflex may occur later when pumping than...

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What Happens to a Woman's Brain When She Becomes a Mother

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This article suggests it could be valuable to breastfeed; even if you are formula feeding. The act of breastfeeding or ‪#‎allattateli‬ garners healthy response in newborns. There is more to it than just the milk! "Breastfeeding mothers show a greater level of [brain] responses to baby's cry compared with formula-feeding mothers in the first month postpartum," Kim said. "It's just really interesting. We don't know if it's the act of breastfeeding or the oxytocin or any other factor." See whole article from The Atlantic here.    

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