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We have been New Mamas.  WHAT a time.  Special to be bringing a new child into this world - if you are having birth or adopting - all kids matter.  We hope to be an aide for you in this really - unique time of life.  We hope to lift you & yours. Here are our New Mama Goods, new designs and collections added regularly. Stay in touch.
NEW MAMA GOODS bella materna we are here for you. for real.

Bra Size Chart

We use the European method of sizing where DD=E, DDD=F - we like to keep it straightforward! Our bras are known for their comfort and longevity, the back closure is longer, so it is easier to fit, and last - as long as when you first get it - you are on the 3rd - 6th hooks --- this way your investment will last longer for you! 

Bra Sizing Chart Measurements in Inches B-K cup 32-42 Bands