Handmade Soap


Nourishing soaps made in small batches from locally sourced and wildcrafted materials in Seattle, local mama's - this is very special soap!  A perfect treat for new mamas, made of all natural ingredients. Cured for 6 weeks, these soaps last a long time and you can be rest assured they are organic using wild crafted flora and fauna. No artificial scary chemicals.

Ingredients used in all soaps: saponified oils of olive, coconut and ethically sourced palm. Additional ingredients listed below:

Gentle Baby soap - scent free, infusions of calendula & chamomile - calming + healing

Lavender Citrus - essential oils of lavender & sweet orange, with orange rind.

Abundant Pine - neutral scent essential oil pine and wildcrafted pine & spruce resin.

Charcoal Detox - essential oil of grapefruit with activated charcoal, nettle infusion & cedar 

Petal - essential oil of ylang ylang, jasmine, patchouli, with flower petals

Made in USA

Measures ~ 3"x2"x1" weight ~5oz



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