We passionately exist to support you, not to judge you.  No matter where your journey leads, please know this. Meanwhile, if you can breastfeed even just a little, there are measurable differences:
1. Breast milk provides the most complete form of nutrition for baby. 
2. Breastfed babies tend to gain less unnecessary weight.
3. Premature babies who are breastfed do better than those who are formula fed. 
4. Breast milk helps protect baby from bacteria and viruses.
5. Breastfed babies' immune systems have a better response to immunizations. 
6. Breastfeeding lowers Mom's risk of breast and ovarian cancers. 
7. Breastfeeding can help Mom lose the pregnancy pounds faster.
8. Every drop of breastmilk is helpful, even if you need to supplement.  
Breastfeeding may not be as intuitive as you might expect, and neither is birth for that matter.  It takes a village; so my suggestion is to find or make your village. 

PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support) partners with organizations locally – and across the country – to provide PEPS Groups to their communities. Here is a bit from their site:


A few more  resources that might help you find active parenting groups near you:

 Red Tricycle

The National Parent Helpline has a range of resources as well.

Mainly, do not isolate yourself, get associated with others who can join & help you in this new incredible journey!