Handwritten thank you letter from Cindy Crawford when she became a new mom in 2001! She was so thrilled with the Bella Materna items she received, and sent us a note dated July 5th 2001. 

We sent her a Bella Materna collection like the Pretty Sexy T-Shirt Nursing Bra, Anytime Gown and Bra. 

The note says: 


Anne -

Thank you for the beautiful Bella Materna under clothes.  They feel great!


Cindy Crawford 


 Still all these years later we have many loyal fans from Jessica Simpson, Geena Davis, Veronica Chou, Isabelle Daikeler and 20 years of loyal customers like you, and your friends! 

 Cindy Crawford authentic signature thank you card to Bella Materna dated July 5, 2005

Take care and drink plenty of water! 

Anne | Mompreneuer | Bella Materna Speciality Intimates brand and boutique