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Maternity Nursing Bra Size Chart

We want your maternity & nursing bras to fit perfectly.  Most new-moms change 2 bra sizes, sometimes more.  Ironically; we recommend buying your first Nursing Bras while pregnant - you will get more out of your them & be better prepared.  

Use this chart to help determine your correct bra size for 32- 42 B-K cups. When expecting and breastfeeding, there is no doubt that your bra size changes. We design full fit flexibility into our Bella Materna branded speciality intimate garments to adapt with comfort, to your changing body more easily, lasting longer; becoming a worthy, dependable investment.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* for Expecting Moms in 3rd trimester - BUY an extra extender and wear it in the 3rd trimester, then without that extra 3rd extender, the the bra it will fit you better & longer after the baby comes. IF the bra is too tight --  go up 1 band size and down 1 cup size. If the cup is too small, go up a cup size 

Maternity Nursing Bra Size Chart Bust size B-K cups and Band Size 32-42 specialty sized lingerie





Bra Size Chart

We use the European method of sizing where DD=E, DDD=F - we like to keep it straightforward! Our bras are known for their comfort and longevity, the back closure is longer, so it is easier to fit, and last - as long as when you first get it - you are on the 3rd - 6th hooks --- this way your investment will last longer for you! 

Bra Sizing Chart Measurements in Inches B-K cup 32-42 Bands