Dear Ladies,
 I saw a post from a line out of Ukraine called Monamoon which speaks to the root of our mission at Bella Materna. 
I am changing the wording slightly, but even if I can't write it well - I need to get this written out.
My goal for the last 20 years with Bella Materna has been to make useful products that help new moms have a better entry into motherhood.
Thoughtful. Environmentally Safe. Practical. Pretty.
Take a moment to realize you are living the most marvelous and interesting journey called #motherhood  In this journey, YOU alone carry out the most important mission of your life.  In the nearest future, you will give/have given a new life and a new generation to humanity. TODAY -EVERYDAY YOU can love yourself and enjoy your status like never before. 
It's not just for your sake.
Not only the emotions of your baby at any given moment -- depend on your mood, your smile, tranquility, and happiness (no pressure -- but really it is a big job).  Also baby’s personality traits are formed in these earliest days including their sense of confidence and kindness. Your healing presence through love means that your baby will make the future world a better place. Really a giant mission, it sounds heavy handed here - but what I am trying to get at is. Our work, in turn at Bella Materna is to help YOU in this mission.
Bella Materna; the makers and outfitters  (think gold miners; needed tools and clothing).  We give you Supportive Bras (we can fit anybody!) Clothes and Baby tools to help you have the best journey possible. 
Welcome to the world of motherhood. 
YOU are a Bella Materna = Beautiful Mother!
Take Care - hydrate! 
Anne Dimond
Bella Materna