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Baby Swaddler Sleeper

 This Swaddle was designed by two moms who, having swaddled their babies, wanted to create a better swaddle for yours! They obsessively researched the science behind swaddling and why it works so well to help baby sleep soundly. They engineered those principles right into the design, to create a swaddle that will keep your baby safe, secure and sleeping longer!

  • 3 Sizes in 1 – A Perfect Fit for Every Stage Newborn onward 
  • Breathing fabric keeps your baby temperature just right
  • Approved for use with preterm and full-term babies
  • Choice of arm positions for baby
  • Easy stretch fabric
  • Wide leg pockets help promote healthy leg/hip development

Swaddling has been proven to help babies sleep better and longer. But not all swaddles are created equal. We’ve taken the guess work out of wrapping with a blanket so you don’t have to worry about loose blankets in the crib or the risk of swaddling too tight.

With hours of research and lots of hands on experience, we’ve taken all the benefits of swaddling and created one easy swaddle you just can’t do without. Our signature fabric is incredibly soft and fully loaded with performance benefits like moisture wicking properties to keep baby cool and dry, and our grow with me design makes it the only swaddle you’ll need to buy! 


With three sizes in one, our grow with me design offers baby the perfect fit from birth – 6 months. Learn why size matters and the dangers of a “one size fits all” or ill fitting swaddle for baby.


Compression fabric recreates the familiar, comforting in utero snugness + eases baby's transition from the womb. Decreases irritability and promotes self-soothing. Enhancing quality of infant sleep (and therefore Parent sleep!) to improve rest and sleep cycle regulation. 

By Nuroo!


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