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Medical Protecting Apron from Radiation

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Brand Oberlo
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If you have a concern or reason to get extra protection from radiation for your bump; we have this easy apron for you to use!  There is increased radio waves and invisible traffic, which depending on your living and working space could be valuable to use this apron.  This wasn't available when I had my first 15 years ago; but did think it was ingenious when I first saw this available. Suggest wearing as an intimate layer underneath other apparel.

Content: Patented non-absorption radio wave protection material.  Do not let baby eat or chew on material; unless it specifies for baby chewing.

Care: Hand wash cool water.  

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Machine Wash cool, hooks connected and in lingerie bag with any removable pads taken out.  Longest lasting if you hang dry, but you can put on Cool setting in Dryer.